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The Team

Welcome to the RSAA! This effort was started by team 2412 | The Robototes in Bellevue, Washington. We are an FRC team who began focusing on advocacy in the summer of 2022 with the goal to secure shop space within our school district. Our personal goal has expanded to earning elective and CTE credit for robotics, funding STEM education, and working to ensure everyone can pursue their love for STEM.

 our mission:

 We aim to guide robotics teams to advocate for their needs by providing resources and a community to share and learn from one another. We take action so more people have the opportunity to thrive and pursue their future through robotics. 


Our Story

Since the beginning of our team, Robototes shop space has always been reliant on our lead mentor Kim Herzog's presence as a teacher within our school, and the gracious collaboration of follow teachers. But the Robototes, being a club, lost a third of our shop space and were foreseen to be pushed out of our shop entirely within the near future - essentially ending the team.

Realizing the threat, we looked to our school board to grant class credit to help secure our shop space and future. We invited the Bellevue Alliance in our district to meetings with school board members and officials.  

The Bellevue Alliance (consisting of Teams 492, 948, 949 and 1899, with teams 7461 and 9036) had previous success in securing funding to pay our teacher-coaches in the Bellevue school system.

We won support for potential class credit and will work with the Bellevue school district this year and next to find the best way to grant credit. We also testified in support of SB 5617 to look into granting credit for technical and competitive activities in Washington. 

Robotics is an extraordinary and formative experience, and we aspire for everyone to have the opportunity and develop the same love and passion for robotics that we feel. 


We greatly appreciate your contributions, on any level. By advocating, you are actively supporting robotics and all the youth who passionately dream to pursue it, and that is a commendable effort you should be proud of.