Shop Space

Having adequate shop space is essential to a team's success. A good shop is:


Paid mentors/stem funding

Mentors are the key to nourishing students' abilities past what can be taught in a class. They dedicate thousands of hours and are an invaluable resource to the team. 

Building Robots can be expensive, so it's important to take the opportunities to gain monetary support where you can to continue to pursuing your love for STEM. 


cte credit

Students dedicate thousands of hours and learn a plethora of career-related skills through robotics. At the same time, the team's company-like structure prepares students to face real-world problems, teaching them 21st-century job skills through project-based learning and soft skills required to succeed in the workforce. Robotics is one of the best activities to prepare you for the workforce and we would like that to be reflected through CTE credit. 


assembled templates/links

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