Shop Space

your NEEds:

This section is most useful to school-based teams.


The very base of what a team needs for shop space is:

Of course, different teams have unique needs that don't fall into this generalized list.


It's always important to remember that though your needs are fulfilled now, unless there is a policy that confirms your use for the future your shop space is always at risk.


In our experience, what is usually most effective is holding an hour of so long meeting with whoever is in charge of your shop space/desired shop space to discuss a solution to your unmet needs.

Through every level, it's important to include:

6. Inadequate shop space can create:


7. What parts of your needs aren't being met

8. Suggest a solution

9. Open the time to questions and a discussion working towards a solution

(insert PowerPoint)

If the person you are talking to is resistant or not handling the situation in a timely manner, look to who above them can either push them to action or override their decision. 

Though you may meet resistance or see no action being made, never stop advocating. A constant effort is important and delivers the message that you won't take no, and that robotics is something important to today's youth and deserves their attention as a priority. 


Local Level:



State Level:

Email your legislators saying you support this bill, and invite them to your shop to give the presentation. To find your legislators, search here: (insert website)